studiOCanada  "Creations"

studiOCanada is intended to provoke conversation through art. Inspired by the Project "Learning to Love You More" by social artists Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher (2002-2009), this is our version, only it's more like, "Canada ... How can we love you more?"  

On the right, you will find a list of "creations" — invitations for you (and your students) to entertain & submit.

Everyone is invited to participate. All we ask is that you read and agree to the terms of the project, which you will be asked to consent to at the time of your submission. Educators, you can act on behalf of your students by selecting your consent to participate.

Entries will be featured on our website (as an on-line archive) & select entries may be featured with/in various exhibitions and/or 'pop-up' shows throughout the year.