Canada … Learning to Love you more!

Grades 4/5, Compiled by Kimberly Baker,

Acting Recreation Leader, Community Service Division

Parks Department, Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site, City of Richmond, BC.

Canada is very peaceful everyone is treated nicely and equally!

Canada is a very strong country we stand up, we're smart and we HELP PEOPLE in need but Canada has some bad history but we can change the way things were in Canada.


The fairness and freedom.

Canada is nice — no wars.

The fresh water!

How easy it is to get jobs.

We have freedom and full of peace.

People are really nice.

Fresh air.

My favorite things are the safety and the language and the education.

Canada has good air. And good schools.

I love Canada because of all the culture here.

NO Trump.

I love Canada because there is no war.

I think no guns are allowed in Canada which will make the country safer.

What I love about Canada: Freedom, equal rights, different from the USA, no guns –RCMP, fair laws, everybody treated the same, freshwater and air.

Good air.

Cuter animals.

No eating meat.

Don't kill animals allot.

Very safe.

Good air, not much homework, people are nice.

It is my home.

It is friendly.

It is fun.

It is entertaining.

I love Canada because there is no war!!

The freedom.

Air condition better environment, better schools, NO Trump.

It's freedom, equal rights, and easy access to food, shelter, fresh and water, and culture diversity.

Fresh air, organic food, freedom, police.

A lot of fresh air and wild life everywhere.

I love that Canada has fresh air.

No guns allowed, fresh air.

We can study freely, we can play freely.

I love Canada because it is Trump-free.

It has good air and good people.

We have rights and freedom.

Nice environment, organic food.

It is friendly.

No wars.

It has lots of fresh water.

Soccer, Clash Royale, Ipad

Everyone is free.


No wars, no Trump, we vote for our government, we have rights.

I love Canada because the rule of law is fair, fresh water and air, kind people, healthy style of life. I Love Canada!