CREATION #3: Hybrid Canada

Many Canadians today identify as being, or having mixed heritage. Artist Brian Jungen, who is of Swiss and Dunne-za First Nations ancestry, is one such Canadian, and he uses art to evoke complex cultural connections. His sculptures, “Prototypes for New Understanding” were made by re-assembling Nike Air Jordans into North West Aboriginal masks. Some of his work can be seen here.

Prompt: Select an image or an object from your personal cultural heritage, and use it to re-create an iconic Canadian symbol — or vice versa (transform something that is symbolically Canadian into something from your own personal cultural heritage). Although the beaver, the moose, the maple leaf, or poutine may be first to come to mind, you may think of many more!

Documentation: Send us a photo of your final creation as a .jpg file here. Even better, send us a series of photos of your creation "in-process". Keep your final project somewhere safe, we may contact you to include it in an exhibition in the future!